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The Film Developing Cookbook

Review of The Darkroom Cookbook:
“The Darkroom Cookbook is destined to become a classic. For anyone working in black-and-white it is a must have.”–Shutterbug, September 1996″This elegant, user-friendly book clearly provides the photo-chemical information necessary for the photographer to be in control of his or her black and white film developing. I cannot praise the writing and design of The Film Developing Cookbook highly enough.” – Journal of the Print World

Photographic processing is a chemical process. While it is not necessary to know anything about chemistry, it is necessary to understand what photographic chemicals do, and why. The Film Developing Cookbook will help photographers acquire a working knowledge of photographic chemistry that is relevant to black and white film developing and serve as a reference and refresher for photographers at all stages of their skill.

This companion to The Darkroom Cookbook will help photographers become familiar with different developer formulas for achieving a wide range of pictorial effects, and teach them how to mix and use photographic solutions from scratch-even to create new ones. Many of the developing formulas and archival fixing solutions contained in The Film Developing Cookbook have never before been presented.

Topics covered in this manual include:

  • Films
  • Developer ingredients
  • Types of developers
  • Formulas
  • Speed increasing
  • Mixing and storing stock solutions
  • Stop baths, fixers, and washing
  • Safety
  • Chemical and equipment suppliers
  • Recommended development time for hundreds of films and developers

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